19th October 2018


You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games - You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games

You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games

Let’s face it, sometimes you want to get your game on when you’re not close to your console. Or while you are busy on your ...
Lucas Cameron 20th September 2018
The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time - The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time

The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time

Everyone has their opinion when it comes to deciding who the best is in gaming development and design. And, there can be a lot to ...
Lucas Cameron 20th August 2018

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6 Of the Best Video Gaming Tools for Creating Your Own Game

6 Of the Best Video Gaming Tools for Creating Your Own Game - 6 Of the Best Video Gaming Tools for Creating Your Own Game

If you aspire of becoming a great video game developer, you’d better get started building some games! But, where would you even start? Even if you have basic development knowledge and skills, you still need some tools to help you create great storylines and engaging gaming.

In this post we take a look at some of the top-rated game development tools that you can start using today. Who knows, you might have your own game out there before you even know it?

1. Stencyl

Screenshot 2018 10 14 Stencyl Make iPhone iPad Android Flash Games without code - 6 Of the Best Video Gaming Tools for Creating Your Own Game

Even though the software is not free, it’s still a great investment if you want to start making your games. You’ll be able to write your code if you can, but you also don’t need any coding experience. Some examples of games created with Stencyl are Dangerous Dungeons and Making Monkeys.

2. GameSalad

Screenshot 2018 10 14 GameSalad - 6 Of the Best Video Gaming Tools for Creating Your Own Game

With GameSalad you’ll be able to create your games in a flash with their easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. The software includes a previewer that allows you to test your game before launching it. The software is available in free and pro packages, where the pro allows you to sell your games.

3. FlowLab

Screenshot 2018 10 14 Flowlab Game Creator Make games online - 6 Of the Best Video Gaming Tools for Creating Your Own Game

Create your own game straight from your browser with FlowLab. You don’t even need coding or programming experience while creating an intricate game of different behaviours and storylines. The software is also available in free and payable packages, where the free package is a bit limiting.

4. GameMaker: Studio

Screenshot 2018 10 14 GameMaker YoYo Games - 6 Of the Best Video Gaming Tools for Creating Your Own Game

If you are completely new to the scene of game development and want to see whether or not you’ll be interested in pursuing a career, this is for you! Even if you just want to play around a bit. The software is easy to use and allows you create high-quality 2D games and comes with loads of cool features.

5. Sploder

Screenshot 2018 10 14 Sploder Make your own Games Play Free Games - 6 Of the Best Video Gaming Tools for Creating Your Own Game

This neat tool is web-based and allows you to create simple yet beautiful arcade, platform and shooter games. It’s perfect for newbies who want to give game development a shot, but you won’t be able to publish your game or export it. You’ll be able to publish it on the Sploder site where other users can rate it.

6. Construct 2

Screenshot 2018 10 14 Create Games with Construct 2 - 6 Of the Best Video Gaming Tools for Creating Your Own Game

Constrct 2 is an HTML5 game builder that allows users to create their 2D games. Whether you are an experienced game developer or a newbie, you’ll be able to build your games effortlessly. With a great interface that’s easy to use and multiple features, it’s a fantastic option for anyone interested in creating games.

Whether you want to have fun and play around or would like to follow a career in game development, these tools are great either way. All of them offer loads of features and extras and has advanced and simple users to ensure anyone can use them. Have fun!

You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games

You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games 960x510 - You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games

Let’s face it, sometimes you want to get your game on when you’re not close to your console. Or while you are busy on your PC. Luckily there are a ton of free PC games you can sink your teeth into anytime you feel like it. From modern to classics, you can pick and choose to your heart’s content.

In this post we take a look at our list of favourite PC games that’s either web-based or offer you a free download option.

#1: A Raven Monologue

Screenshot 2018 10 14 A Raven Monologue on Steam - You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games

In this free PC story game, you will be following the journey of a raven who interacts with villagers. It’s very entertaining and offers great illustrations and a catchy tune that loops. The plot twist is that you have to figure out your interpretation of events as you go along.

#2: Bernband

Bernband is a classic exploration type game where you are a character in a futuristic city. Imagine imagery of hover boards and shoddy bars. Walk around the city and explore all you can find while your arms shake and feet stomp.

#3: Beneath a Steel Sky

A classic adventure game developed by Revolution. The point-and-click game holds a lot of entertainment and adventure as you and your robotic sidekick have to solve puzzles as you go along different levels of the game.

#4: SimCity

Screenshot 2018 10 14 PlayGamesOnline - You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games

If you are in the mood for some old-time classics, SimCity is a great free game option. Here you will play the mayor of a new city that you have to oversee. Plan the layout and build new buildings while managing your little city.

#5: StarCraft

Screenshot 2018 10 14 StarCraft StarCraft Blizzard Shop - You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games

Another classic, StarCraft was developed by Blizzard and you can now play it for free, straight from your browser. You’ll have access to loads of cool features and campaigns and play competitively against players from all around the globe.

#6: The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall

Screenshot 2018 10 14 The Elder Scrolls The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall - You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games

Seen as an early version of Tamriel, gamers can get lost in a world created by Daggerfall. From spells to enchanting and gilds, you’ll have access to all these and much more. The Elder Scrolls is another classic game featured on our list of free games.

#7: FreeCiv

Screenshot 2018 10 14 Freeciv org open source empire building strategy game  - You Have to Check Out These Top 7 Free PC Games

This classic strategy game has been around for more than 20 years. It’s probably one of the first ever empire building strategy games that allows you to build and run empires. It’s available in more than 33 languages and completely free of charge!

Who’s ready to start gaming straight away? Just writing this list has got us excited about some free game options out there. Which would you like to try first? Even though the majority of these games are free, some sites will require payment for additional features and content. Let the games begin!

7 Ways to Pursue a Career in Video Game Development

7 Ways to Pursue a Career in Video Game Development 960x510 - 7 Ways to Pursue a Career in Video Game Development

The world of video gaming is exciting. With close, even inseparable, ties to technology, those working in this industry is always striving for the next big thing. Whatever your interest, whether you want to develop games or be in charge of graphics, there is always a simple starting point in realising your dream.

In this post we will discuss a couple of key tips on how you can get started and kickstart your career at a gaming development company.

1. Launch a Gaming Blog

writing 336370 960 720 - 7 Ways to Pursue a Career in Video Game Development

If you are well versed in the world of video gaming, and you want to share tips and ideas with fellow gamers, you could start your gaming blog. Doing so can lead to other lucrative opportunities.

2. Publish Work Online

wordpress 923188 960 720 - 7 Ways to Pursue a Career in Video Game Development

If you have dabbled in developing your games before, share them with the world. In doing so your work will be noticed and you might land your dream job. Post your work on gaming forums for a start.

3. Apply for Internships

pexels photo 1120344 - 7 Ways to Pursue a Career in Video Game Development

If you are fresh out of college, or you would like to test the water first, applying for an internship is the next best thing. You’ll get hands-on experience of what it’s like working in a gaming development environment.

4. Join as a Game Tester

man people space desk - 7 Ways to Pursue a Career in Video Game Development

As a game tester you won’t need a degree or be qualified. Think of it as your foot in the door as it will almost certainly lead to bigger and better opportunities within the industry.

5. Create an Indie Game

What better way to learn than to play around and creating your very own indie games? This is the best way to get some experience and you could even be noticed by bigger companies looking for new talent.

6. Get Your Qualifications

pexels photo 684385 - 7 Ways to Pursue a Career in Video Game Development

If you are specifically looking to join as a developer, having a relevant qualification will be the first thing to do. Some educational institutions will even help you in your job search after getting your degree or certificate.

7. Do Some Networking

pexels photo 515169 - 7 Ways to Pursue a Career in Video Game Development

And finally, you have to do some networking. Whether you visit conferences or chat up a storm online and become an influencer, networking plays a huge role in finding the right company to work for.

These tips should help you in the right direction to landing a job in video gaming. Keep in mind that you would have to put in some work. Whether you’ll need to study or build your games, keep your eyes on the prize and work towards grabbing that dream job.

The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time

The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time 960x510 - The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time

Everyone has their opinion when it comes to deciding who the best is in gaming development and design. And, there can be a lot to be said about how these companies are rated. What is taken into consideration to classify a developer as one of the greatest?

Join us in this post where we take a look at some of the most successful and highly rated video gaming companies of all time.

#1: Sega

Screenshot 2018 10 15 SEGA - The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time

Who doesn’t love that little blue hedgehog that took the world of gaming by storm what seems like eons ago? Sega is seen as one of the most innovative gaming companies in the world, they are also a company who cares about their fans and followers.

#2: Nintendo

Screenshot 2018 10 15 Nintendo Official Site - The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time

Next up we’ve got another innovative video gaming company and no stranger to the scene. Nintendo boasts a wide array of great gaming consoles and fantastic games with great storylines. Amongst some of their timeless classics there are Super Mario Brothers, Zelda and Kirby.

#3: EA

Screenshot 2018 10 15 Electronic Arts Home Page Official EA Site - The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time

Electronic Arts have their headquarters in America, and is also one of the biggest video game developers out there. Known for their state-of-the-art graphics and audio, gamers love playing their sports games, The Sims, and Need for Speed to name a few.

#4: Ubisoft

Screenshot 2018 10 15 Ubisoft Welcome to the official Ubisoft website - The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time

Another big name in the world of video games is Ubisoft. While there seems to be a big debate on where on the list Ubisoft should feature, all their fans agree that they are simply the best. With game series’ such as Prince of Persian and Assassin’s Creed, they deserve their spot in the tops.

#5: Bethesda

Screenshot 2018 10 15 Bethesda net - The 5 Very Best Video Gaming Companies of All Time

Bethesda opened shop in 2002, and is known today as one of the best in gaming development. With a massive follower-base, Bethesda focuses on creating high-quality gaming experiences, instead of focusing on the quantity of games released a year.

And that’s all of them. Did we feature one of your favourite gaming development companies on this list? If you feel that we’ve left an important company out, contact us and we’ll be sure to add them. Whatever your preference in genre, these companies are all worthy of being in a top-rated list.

5 Top-Rated Video Gaming Forums You Should Join

5 Top Rated Video Gaming Forums You Should Join 960x510 - 5 Top-Rated Video Gaming Forums You Should Join

Even though a lot of people are under the impression that gamers are a bunch of geeks who lead hermit-like lifestyles, this is not true. If you are a gamer, you would agree that you too enjoy to socialise with fellow gamers while playing an online game.

There are a bunch of ways gamers interact with one another, but the one medium that’s stood the test of time is forums. In this post we take a look at some of the best gaming forums you could join.

1. GameFAQs

Screenshot 2018 10 15 Video Game Message Boards GameFAQs 1 - 5 Top-Rated Video Gaming Forums You Should Join

This is probably one of the oldest gaming forums out there. It launched back in 1995 and serves millions of gamers to this day. The site offers different boards and forums for each game, ensuring that each gamer can easily join his or her community.

2. NeoGAF

Screenshot 2018 10 15 NeoGAF - 5 Top-Rated Video Gaming Forums You Should Join

Originally one of Gaming-Age’s discussion forums, NeoGAF was launched in 1999. Due to some difficulties the forum was relaunched in 2004 as a separate entity. NeGAF is considered to be one of the most popular gaming forums in the world.

3. Gamespot Boards

Screenshot 2018 10 15 Community GameSpot - 5 Top-Rated Video Gaming Forums You Should Join

With more than 35 million users, GameSpot is one of the biggest gaming forums out there. It might not be in the same league us NeoGAF, but it boasts multiple forums and updated news on everything related to the world of video gaming.

4. IGN Boards

Screenshot 2018 10 15 IGN Boards - 5 Top-Rated Video Gaming Forums You Should Join

IGN Boards boasts a wide array of lobbies and different types of forums. Their main focus is of course video gaming. The community here is great, which makes up for the site’s chaotic organisation of forums and lobbies. All-in-all a great forum to join!

5. /r/ Gaming

Screenshot 2018 10 15 r gaming - 5 Top-Rated Video Gaming Forums You Should Join

Last but not least we have one of the internet’s largest online communities. Reddit’s gaming forum is chockfull of updates from other gamers, and loads of opportunities to socialise. For those hard-care gamers out there, join the subreddit /r/TrueGaming.

So, are you ready to get social and share your gaming experiences on some of these fantastic gaming forums? If you haven’t joined any of these before, it is worth a shot checking them out. And remember, interaction even via the web still is socialising!

Mikael Ymer – Jan-Lennard Struff

miami open betting tip

The Miami Open is the second most important tennis tournament of the ATP series in the USA. Only the US Open in September is located in New York. The first round of this year’s event is scheduled for Wednesday evening. Jan-Lennard Struff has to be the first German and has pulled a supposedly simple task out of the lottery pot – Mikael Ymer from Sweden. The Scandinavian is far, far behind in the world rankings. Nevertheless, caution is advised, as our tennis betting expert tip shows.

starting position

Mats Wilander, Stefan Edberg – the great days of Swedish tennis are long, long gone. However, there are currently a few young players in Scandinavia who can at least be expected to make it into the Top 100. One of these talents is Mikael Ymer. The 19-year-old is currently ranked 407th in the world rankings. The right-hander from Stockholm has only been on the ATP tour since 2015. He has seven victories and nine defeats in his overall match record. Ymer, who mainly plays the underclass ITF tournaments, is coached by Johan Hedsberg.

Jan-Lennard Struff is already an experienced ATP player, unlike the Swede. The 27-year-old from Warstein is currently ranked 56th in the ATP world ranking. Struff has been playing high-profile tournaments since 2009 and has a record of 69 victories and 99 defeats. However, the protégé of coach Carsten Arriens has so far been denied a tournament victory. This will not change in Miami in the coming days.

Mikael Ymer shape

Mikael Ymer has played on the ITF-Challenger Tour in the last weeks. In Bakersfield, USA, the Swede made it to the semi-finals. The 19-year-old caused a sensation in the Davis Cup at the beginning of February. Ymer sensationally won his two matches against Artem Smirnov and Sergiy Stakhovsky in the match between Sweden and Ukraine. These performances alone should be enough warning for Jan Lennard Struff not to take the first-round game in Miami lightly.

Jan-Lennard Struff Shape

For Jan-Lennard Struff, 2018 has not yet gone according to plan. The 27-year-old has so far had to sail in all tournaments in the first or second round. The match record of only three victories and seven defeats has a clear significance. A few days ago in Indian Wells Struff had to admit defeat in the opening match against 19-year-old Australian Alex de Minaur (130th in the ranking) 6:3, 6:7 and 6:7. Of course, the German wants to avoid another defeat against a youngster with all his might.

Head to Head

The head-to-head comparison of Mikael Ymer vs. Jan-Lennard Struff is irrelevant for the tennis betting tip. The two players face each other in Miami for the first time in their careers. Can the German live up to his role as a favourite? This game will be like a casino – no one know what will exactly happen. If you really want to try the new casino feeling – check onlinecasino24.org for more infos.

Odds and Predictions

If the bookmakers’ bids are correct, the answer is clearly “Yes”. Of course, the German is the favourite. After all, there are about 350 world ranking places between the two players. Betting odds on Struff’s win are as high as 1.29 at Betfair. If you believe in a surprise, you should place your tennis bet on Ymer at 4.2 at William Hill. The winner of the game will face Milos Raonic from Canada in the second round of the Miami Open. Beside this bookmakers, there are also many providers that are also in online casino – how to find the best casino sites is not a easy thing and you should read some reviews before you decide.

Our betting tip

In the ATP tennis forecast Mikael Ymer vs. Jan-Lennard Struff we expect the German to win. We believe that Struff will have no major problems in the first round of the Miami Open on Wednesday evening. Ymer is certainly not to be underestimated, as the Davis Cup has shown, but it won’t be enough to win. In our tennis forecast, we assume that Jan-Lennard Struff will prevail in two sets. We therefore recommend the betting option “Games Under 21.5” with 1.8 at bwin, William Hill, Tipico or Bet3000. We place our bet on “Victory Jan-Lennard Struff with a set handicap of -1.5”, with a maximum odds of 1.65 at Interwetten.

Football Betting Tips: Liverpool vs Hoffenheim

liverpool betting tip

Following a highly entertaining encounter in Germany last week, two of the biggest names in at the qualification stage meet in the Champions League Qualifying final round, with a place in the group stages at stake. The loser of this one however will be resigned to a season of Europa League football which adds to the importance of the tie.

UEFA Champions League Qualifier (Final Round) – Liverpool vs Hoffenheim (2nd Leg) – 23/08/17.
Kick off 19:45 GMT – Anfield Stadium
Aggregate Score 2-1

  • Liverpool – Best Odds 4/6 (Match Winner)
  • Hoffenheim – Best Odds 9/2(Match Winner)
  • Draw – Best Odds 10/3


Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool will be delighted to be holding a 2-1 aggregate lead going into the match at Anfield as they rode their luck at times in Germany. Scoring two away goals could be a decisive factor in this tie too and reds faithful will be hoping that advantage can push them towards the Champions League and the adulation that comes with it.

Domestically, Liverpool have had an unbeaten start without particularly impressing. An opening day draw with Watford was followed up by a scrappy 1-0 win over Crystal Palace at home on Saturday. Reaching the Champions League was a season goal last term and the reds know they are only one game away. More about odds and predictions to this and many othe games, you’ll find on online-betting.org.

The Philippe Coutinho transfer saga looks to have come to an end, with Barcelona’s third bid of over €110 million euros being rejected. Now the Liverpool fans will be desperate to see him back in a red shirt as soon as possible.


In their first ever Champions League encounter last week, the Germans acquired themselves well and will feel a little unlucky to be heading into this second leg with a goal deficit.

Andrej Kramaric’s missed penalty could turn out to be costly in the scheme of the tie and he and his team mates will be eager to make amends at Anfield.

The likes of former Arsenal man Serge Gnabry and Sandro Wagner caused problems in the first leg and they will be desperate to impress once more and propel Julian Nagelsmann’s side to victory and Champions League qualification.

Head to Head

Due to the history of both of these sides in European competition, their head to head records perhaps don’t mean too much in the context of this tie.

Last Tuesday’s first leg was the first ever competitive meeting between Liverpool and Hoffenheim.

With the huge amount at stake for both teams, Wednesday’s result promises to have a huge impact on Liverpool’s and Hoffenheim’s season(s).

Odds and Predictions

Liverpool are the heavy favourites for this tie due to their European caliber and recent history in both the Europa League & Champions League. Betfair have the reds best priced at 4/6 to win in 90 minutes whilst Hoffenheim seemingly have it all to do at 9/2 with Bet365. The draw is priced at 11/4, also with Bet 365.

Champions League ties, no matter what stage of the competition are generally cagey affairs due to the quality of teams on display. As a result the ‘To Qualify’ bet could be a good move – especially with most bets taking place in the 90 minute market.

Liverpool don’t represent great value at 1/8 with Sky Bet. Hoffenheim will be hoping to make the game go the distance and frustrate Liverpool and if things go to plan for them could well be a good bet at 8/1 with Betway to progress.

The ‘Draw no Bet’ market also offers a chance to back Liverpool at odds of 1/4 or Hoffenheim at 11/4, with the security of receiving your money back if the game finishes level after 90 minutes

Second legs are normally last chance saloons for teams so with the attacking prowess on display, goals could perhaps be expected. Liverpool know that scoring once means Hoffenheim have to score at least another 3 goals in order to go through – which should open the game up and encourage a more attacking approach from both teams.

Over 2.5 goals in the match (90 minutes) at 1/2 (Coral) looks a shrewd move – particularly if one team scores early. Both Teams to Score could also be an attractive proposition – with both teams having found the net in the first leg – 4/7 with Sporting Bet could be worth pursuing.

Jurgen Klopp’s men will be very keen to press home their advantage early on and put this game to bed. Backing a goal to be scored in the first 25 minutes is a lucrative 8/11 with Winner.

Top Betting Tip

Both teams to score and Liverpool to qualify pays a healthy 1.7/1 with Paddy Power as a double. Nowadays mobile Applications becoming more and more important, thats why of course also betting provider offer a lot of sports betting apps – find out which one is the best for you.

eSports Betting Strategy: The Do’s And Don’ts

If you seriously want to be a successful bettor in eSports then it is necessary to develop your own betting strategies. You should avoid eSports betting mistakes commonly committed by eSport bettors. Some of the do’s and do not’s have been listed in this write-up to help you in getting advanced tips for eSports betting beyond basic eSports betting strategy.

Do’s to make you successful bettor

Choose right bookmaker for eSports betting: In order to be a successful eSports bettor it is necessary to choose a bookmaker who can handle your profits fairly instead of eating into them. you can expect to get better odds if your bookmarker works at low margin and does not retains winning bets.

Optimise your bankroll: It is important to look after your money to be a good bettor as it is essentially required to place bets. Your level of betting depends upon the staking method you use to optimise the use of your bankroll.

Research before betting: In ore to make profits from your bets you must spend some time to research about the teams and market position as it will help you to make a well informed decision in this regard.

Follow information: Instead of ignoring the value of information your research on teams, game and market condition before betting can help you in making better profits.

Always assess your success: You cannot know about the trend of your long-term profits if you do not assess your positive and negative results as well as closing odds of your bookmarker.

Do not’s in eSports betting

Do not bet on too many games: It becomes difficult to make profit if you bet on many games at a time without assessing the positive expected value of their odds.

Do not be attracted by the odds: Usually high odds of a game attract many new bettors to place a big bet their favourite odds or bet on underdog to make good profits. But they should keep I mind that odds show only possibilities to win instead of any guarantee.

Do not bet on chain: If one team beats the second and second team beat the third then it is not necessary the first team will beat the third because every team has its own strategies to play a game.

Do not place your bets emotionally: Betting based on personal feelings and emotions can never be a right strategy to make profits with eSports betting. Instead of betting on your favourite team blind folded you should analyse their odds to be successful.

Do not lose your patience: A serious bettor must have patience while placing bets. When things are not favourable for you even then you should not allow your emotions to overpower you.

In this way, you can consistently make profits in eSport betting by developing your skills with time and practice eSports betting strategy and avoiding eSports betting mistakes discussed in this write-up consistently. You can easily be a successful bettor if you do research, choose a right bookmaker, use right staking method, follow the information you have and follow your results. Find more esports Pinnacle Sports Review.

nginx tips: adding arbitrary output to a response

A while ago i wrote about how to use nginx as a proxy to do cookie based redirects. We use this functionality at work to provide easy access and view the progress of development of each developer.

I thought it would be nice to have the information, of which developers machine you currently have access to, right on the website. But i always disliked to put functionality to accomplish this inside the framework or even the app itself or have to install / modify some special configuration on each developers machine. I always wanted my proxy to do this kind of work. … And nginx can.

It’s the substitution module of nginx, that can replace arbitrary text in a http response. Nginx must be compiled with the option --with-http_sub_module configured.

The following rows show how to fill a variable $name with the name of the developer we are accessing the machine of. The statement sub_filter defines the search pattern as first parameter and the replace string as second parameter — very easy, isn’t it?

set $name ""
if ($http_cookie ~* "(; )?devredirect=([^;]+)") {
    set $name $2;
sub_filter      "</body>"       "<div style='position: fixed; 
    left: 0; top: 0; font-weight: bold; padding: 5px; color: #000; 
    background-color: rgb(235,58,0);'>devredirect: ${name}</div>

The following rows show the part of the proxy configuration with the inserted substitution filter:

server {
    listen          80;
    server_name     .clipdealer.devcenter.int;

    proxy_redirect          off;
    proxy_set_header        Host            $host;
    proxy_set_header        X-Real-IP       $remote_addr;
    proxy_set_header        X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;

    location / {
        set $name ""
        if ($http_cookie ~* "(; )?devredirect=([^;]+)") {
            set $name $2;
        sub_filter      "</body>"       "<div style='position: fixed; 
            left: 0; top: 0; font-weight: bold; padding: 5px; 
            color: #000; background-color: rgb(235,58,0);'>
            devredirect: ${name}</div></body>";

        if ($http_cookie ~* "(; )?devredirect=harald") {
            proxy_pass    ;

Apple discontinues the xserve

This is very, very disappointing: Apple discontinues the xserve. It will be available for order until 31th of january 2011. The recommendation of Apple is to buy the Mac mini Server edition or the Mac Pro in future. While the Mac Pro is a great product, i can’t imagine putting it in a 19″ rack: two Mac Pro on a shelf would take the place of 12 units — wow.

At ClipDealer we have two of the xserve. They are great machines and i will definitly miss the possibility to buy more of them.

R.I.P. xserve — i had a very good time with you.

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