9th August 2022


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Welcome to Super Play!

The site was founded by Lucas Cameron, a serious gamer and professional game developer. Lucas wanted to create a reliable source of gaming industry news and resources and established Super Play. He is joined by a team of professional gamers and gaming developers who all share his passion for the world of gaming.

Even though the site started small, it soon gained traction and we now deliver high-quality tech and gaming news to our well-established audience. Our team members and audience are located in different spots around the globe.

On our site, our readers can expect a wide array of resources about the world of gaming and technology:


Our team ensures that our site is filled with only the latest news and developments in the world of gaming. Join our community to stay updated.


We love gaming, and we love trying out the latest games out there. For some insights and reviews on top-rated games, look no further than Super Play.


We provide our readers with handy guides and tips as to how to pursue a career in gaming. We also provide some information on the best tools and software.

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