26th June 2019


The following is essential reading if you plan on submitting superplays, so read on!

The way our system works is such that you need to do two things in order to submit superplays to us:

  1. Upload the video file(s) to our server via FTP.
  2. Submit the file(s) to our system by filling in a simple form.

First point your FTP client or a compatible web browser at Upload your file, making sure to note the exact filename, since you will need this later. Copy it to the clipboard to make your life easier. Please do not zip files before uploading! Video files are a compressed format by nature and giving us zips makes your submission more difficult to process quickly.

Next, follow the Submit Superplay link and fill out as much detail as you can on the form, being sure to supply the name of the file you just uploaded. If the game or player(s) you require are not in the drop-down lists, please select the [NOT IN LIST] option and give the proper details in the Comments box. The form will not submit unless you choose something from the game and player drop-down lists.

The Description should be concise, detailing the game mode and level played. Any extra details such as score, or other specifics that you think are interesting or relevant should be placed in the Comments box. Any information in the comments that we deem to be unimportant or blatant advertising will be edited out, so keep everything factual and informative!

Submissions you make will wait in a queue until they are approved by an administrator, at which point they are introduced into the database and made available for download. If your submission is rejected, we will not be able to tell you so unless you supply us with an email address, so supply this in the Comments box if you would like a response to signal a rejection.