9th August 2022

The Top 8 Video Games of All Time

The Top 8 Video Games of All Time - The Top 8 Video Games of All Time

Gaming has been around for ages, and the industry has brought us a whole lot of great gaming over the years. At the rate technology is changing, gaming companies keep us on the edge of our seats with more immersive gaming, excellent graphics and an overall enthralling experience.

If you had to think, what would you rate as the number one game of all time? Of course, this will not be the same answer for everyone. Read this post to find out of your favourite game is featured on our list.

#1: The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

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This Nintendo classic remains a favourite among Nintendo fans. You’ll be off on an adventure helping Link bring the Hyrulean landscape back to its former beauty. Rauru accompanies you on your quest.

#2: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

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The Tony Hawk range of games remain very popular. This PlayStation game will keep you busy for hours as you skate with one of the best skateboarders of all time.

#3: Super Mario Galaxy

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We had to include Super Mario. This Wii game was voted Game of the Year back in 2007 and features Mario and the gang in space. A very entertaining game where players have to use everything they can to carry out actions.

#4: Grand Theft Auto V

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The Grand Theft Auto series needs no formal introduction. It offers a great gaming experience with fantastic graphics. Join fellow gamers as you raid the city and get involved in numerous heists.

#5: Halo: Combat Evolved

Another old-time favourite, Halo plays off on an alien planet where you have to fulfil a list of objectives, including combating, rescuing comrades and attacking enemy outposts.

#6: Resident Evil 4

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In this version of the popular series you play Leon and have to find the president’s daughter. The Resident Evil games are all fantastic and highly rated. We had to include at least one of them!

#7: Diablo

This dark-themed adventure game allows you to play as a sorcerer, rogue or warrior. Get your armour and keep your character on its toes and skilled. Diablo offers an immersive gaming experience.

#8: Quake

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One of those timeless classics when it comes to shooter games, Quake remains a favourite. With fantastic graphics, and an arsenal fit to kill some of your worst nightmares, what more could you want?

And that is a wrap! Was one of your all-time favourites featured on our list? We sure hope so! We cannot wait to see what the world of gaming holds for us in the future.